Tuesday, October 25, 2005


some stuff from the archives, eventually i want to get it all up here on the new BLOG.



Pusha V said...

Nice wrok.
Is Pigtale still coming out or has the series end? I don't see it in my shop.
*goes back to reading issue 1*

OV! said...

yeah its still out, im working on #4 right now as i write. its been super late and i apologize. ive just been slammed with work, both comics and animation. but it should be out sometime around DEC.


Pusha V said...

Ovi-that is good news. Real good news.
I only have issue 1 and i will have to get back up to speed on what happends. Last time I remembered, Booth had the double date and was being chased and he finds a talking pig. I guess that the book is centered around the pig right?

Ovi-No need to be sorry for lateness. It happends when your are in 2 industies. It is common for latness. The same happend with Lesean thomas and his book Cannonbusters. He was doing the book for devilsdue and working on the adult swim show the boondocks which comes on this november.

Matt J said...

Pleased you've started this blog OVi - the kids on trikes are excellent. What animation are you working on, if you don't mind me asking?

rngnt99 said...

great designs!!!!!! would love to see these animated!!!!

OV! said...

im on Coraline right now up here at LAIKA studios. doing story and some design work.


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