Saturday, December 23, 2006




Checkmark said...

This comic strip is so calming. This is awesome Ovi, these are really amazing.

al nigel mayo said...

you strip is beatiful big, fan of your work i wish contiued sucess. God bless
a n m.

Tom said...

Another great strip, I'm amazed they're appearing so often! This one is really beautiful, peaceful, calm, funny too. Great work!

Merry Christmas again!

Rob Bursey said...

i love it man. so simple yet says so much about the characters.

merry christmas!

Checkmark said...

Hey Ovi, justwanted to say I got Desene for Christmas. That is an amazing book, thanks a lot for making it. Great stuff.

Andre Barnwell said...

Very nice! Beautiful way to greet people for the Holidays.

Donald Tooks said...

meh. i don't see anything in these to get overly excited about. yet.
are you saying something new?
are you playing to your strengths?
are you personally looking forward to what comes next in this strip?
sorry to be a wet blanket, but hopefully my questions offer some value. there are more than enough mediocre comic strips in the world.

OV! said...

thanks man, i really appreciate it. and thanks for getting the book!

thank you sir.

thanks, and a merry christmas to you.

thanks. merry christmas.

thanks man. same to you.

am i saying something new? i hope, not sure.

am i playing to your strengths? i learn as i go.

am i personally looking forward to what comes next in this strip?

i dont expect to impress everyone with these strips. im not doing them to get public praise. im doing them for myself, and if people like them they can get on board. i never try and cater to the audience. That’s a death trap. the work i do is personal to me and if i enjoy doing it thats accomplishing my goal. i dont think you read the part that said, "this is a developing comic strip" and that i would be finding my way as i went.
either way, i encourage descent and im open for any type of comments, + or -. hope you stick around, maybe you'll like them as they get fine tuned.


sarah said...

Hey Ovi!

Really nice blog and great new comic strip :) I will be back to read more for sure.

I also wanted to let you know how much I loved your Flight 4 story. Beautiful art and wonderful character design.

Merry Christmas,

OV! said...

thanks for the kind words. really appreciate it.
your stuff look great.

see you in flight 4!


Anonymous said...

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