Tuesday, January 30, 2007

LUNCHBOX #8 (and new HOME)

heres the latest from LUNCHBOX. i also want to let everyone that likes the strip and would like to continue to follow it that the official LUNCHBOX site (blog) has been created. all further strips will be posted HERE:

  • LUNCHBOX comic

  • so from now on all lunchbox strips will ONLY BE POSTED @ lunchboxcomic.blogspot.com.
    this blog will continue as a sketchbook/journal, more/less.

    hope you all enjoy it and stay tuned!



    Chris_Garrison said...

    I love your stuff! Good luck to Lunchbox at the new address.

    Tom said...

    The new Lunchbox Blog has to go in my favorites! Hopefully the strips next stop is in print.

    Alina Chau said...

    love your comic!

    Marcos Mateu said...

    Love it! characters and story moments.

    OV! said...

    hey everyone, thanks for the kind comments. glad you are liking the strip.

    ill try and print them every year as a "collected" trade. ill make sure everyone knows when it comes out.

    hey man, thanks! your one of my heros!


    AstroGuaje said...

    !!!!!!!I love YOUR work GREAT inspiration¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    Marcelo Vignali said...

    You've got a wonderful wit to match your drawings. Keep it up.

    OV! said...

    thanks guys.

    thank you sir. you are amazing...


    Jamal Otolorin said...

    I outgrew comics but respect them very much as a vehicle for creator driven stories.

    Jamal Otolorin said...

    great work!! glad i found your comics

    Fabio Lai said...

    Always good strips here.
    I'll check lunchbox blog out ;)

    Edward Juan said...

    so cute! Did you ink them digitally too?

    Chris said...

    Great stuff Ovi! Syd Mead visited my school yesterday and gave a talk to all of us and he mentioned a friend he has on the west coast named Ovi, I'm guessing this is you?

    OV! said...

    thanks man. yeah seems like comics are one of the only places whee a creator can really get his/her vision out to an audience without executives messing with it.

    thanks !

    hey man, good to hear from ya. yeah they are all digital.

    thanks for the post. wow Syd mentioned me huh? yeah that would be me he talked about. we are good friends. when i used to live in pasadena i would visit often and pick his brain. i met him at a comiccon years ago and asked if he would like to meet up sometime. and the rest is history.
    what was his "talk" about? why did he mention me?


    Anonymous said...

    Man, great work!

    Chris said...

    Yeah, he sure did! He seemed like a great guy though I didn't get to talk to him personally. I was just excited that he knew you cause I'm an avid watcher of your blog.

    But a student had asked about comics/entertainment illustration and if it was really hard to get in. Syd talked a little bit about you and your new comic "Lunchbox" and how it's really you pushing it. It seemed to me he was saying that you don't always need to break into comics the old fashioned way, you can do it on your own?

    It was a pretty cool speech, the guy's pretty funny. He had some great advice and wisdom.

    And Ovi, thanks again for the e-mail you sent me awhile ago. Not sure if you remember it but I was asking about character development and everything and you had some great advice I think of often.

    Thanks for the comment on the blog,

    yolk said...

    craze inspirating and lot of fun.
    I love it! :)

    Patrick Costa said...

    Great strip Ovi!

    Tanith said...

    So freakin' cute! It's nice to see a web comic with actual layout design and not just copying and pasting images filling in the word bubbles :)

    Do you do concept art at Laika?

    OV! said...

    thank you sir.

    thanks again man. hope your venture takes you places. and feel free at ask anytime.


    thanks you.

    i try and push the design as much as i can. i know its only a strip, but i like to explore. thanks! glad you like it.


    13toon's said...

    your just amazing and i am alway shock over everything you do, the comic is great and your sketchbook is like one of my bibles,i can't wait unitl you put out another one.well bye 4 now

    p.s.if you have time check out my blog 13toons.blogspot.com,if you have any words about my work please do tell.thank you again.

    SHANE PRIGMORE said...

    Awsome Ovinator. That little boy cracks me up dude. I will tottaly be looking at your Lunchbox sight. Sweet! We miss you man. We gotta have a get together soon!

    Anonymous said...

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