Friday, October 16, 2009


im working an illustrated Bible right now, thus all my last posts have been illustrations based on scripture. im gonna do all the major accounts/stories of the Good book and then eventually i want to do an illustration for each book and chapter. its kind of a lifelong project but i want to get the major stories done first.

ive been asked about my process, so heres how i work. nothing special.



at this point i start to block in my shapes and color. then i go in and detail the different parts/objects/characters working from background to foreground in a layering fashion as you would with real medium(gouache/acrylic).

after i pick my color scheme i enlarge the ruff/thumnail and start to clean it up a bit and get it ready for paint. depending on the illustration ill spend more or less time cleaning up things. here i mostly focused on the characters and not the Bg.

at this point ive picked a composition i like and start to work with what color schemes will work best for the story. i try and do at least 4 color studies before deciding on one of them. this way you get some fresh ideas. for example at first i was going to make this take place at night with the light beaming but after i did a few color schemes i felt the top middle one worked better. instead of night i tried to make it dusk.

i rough out some ideas based on scripture, pull some reference, look online etc. just trying get ideas out at this point not worrying about color really. but just layout and composition. the STORY and how its told.



Guillermo said...

These are beautiful! Can you say when the book comes out?

TH3DEN said...

Hi Ovi. Great post, and thanks for sharing your process. It's always very interesting to see how the final piece comes to be. When does the book come out, its already at the top of my list! :D

OV! said...

thanks guys.

well the book comes out when a publisher decides to publish it, haha.

or, ill just self publish if no one wants to do it.

but either way it will probably be sometime next year.

im thinking of publishing each book of the bible as a stand alone book and then eventually when i finish all the book stories ill put out the entire bible with all the stories as one volume.

right now its still early and all up in the air. God knows, im just going to keep plowing until an answer comes up.


mike said...

these are beyond beautiful, ovi. i'm so excited for this project!!

James said...

Freakin' gorgeous Ovi! Eve's too hot. Interesting choice depiction of the devil in the fall.

I can't wait till you get to Revelation. Now there's some weird imagery.

Eddie said...

Ovi, these are stunningly beautiful! Please keep going and don't let anything deter you. Can't wait to see the final.

Tommaso Valsecchi said...

Thanks for sharing with us your great ability! :)

SHOo said...

What a fantastic post! I really like Eve in all your illustrations! It's great to see your process! thanks for that!

Oscar Rosales said...

Awesome! Just Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

nice & snappy said...

Excellent designs!The colours and expressions of the charakters are great.Like it a lot!

sakiteriyaki said...

These are awesome! How many more are you doing? Lets gwt lunch soon.

OV! said...

thanks guys!

im doing about 100 or more. yeah its time to do some lunch...

damon said...

your stuff is so good

She-Thing said...

Lovely, what a process!!! This goes down to my pc for guide. Thanks.

Marcelo Vignali said...

These are fantastic illustrations, for a worthwhile book no less! Praise the Lord, your talents are a refreshing approach.

Anonymous said...

What is your support? Paper? Canvas?