Wednesday, November 18, 2009




Vogel said...

Hi OV,

Your work is simply fantastic, an amazing combination of character design with magical choice of colours. Congrats!

Did you work those illustrations on photoshop? If so, did you work only with brushes or did you use some filter / textures?



Miah Alcorn said...

Great stuff Ovi! Keep it up man!

samacleod said...

Love this! One of the most powerful Flood pieces I've EVER seen. Great work.

OV! said...

thanks everyone!

yes these are all photoshop. there isnt any filters in my illustrations. actually the ONLY filter ive used so far is a soft blur on the dead people in the water. aside from that its all brushwork. i have a good size library of brushes ive created and collected over the years.

Vogel said...

OV, thanks for your feedback.
Man, wish I could paint like this! :)
Did you take classes or you're an autodidact?
Simple curiosity: how many layers has the "Adam & Eve expelled" file?
Do you create a layer for the "basic" hair and then you apply different brushes on different layers?
After many years using illustrator, I feel like coming back to photoshop and its more "organic" looks.

OV! said...


no problem.
um, i went to art school for about 2 years and then everything else i learn on my own and from peers.

the way i work is build 3 folder gruops for Bg, mid and forground.

then within those folders i have sub folders for characters, trees, hills,etc.
from there, yes i take the character and build layers for the entire body, hair, clothes etc. then i add layers as needed for face features and finishing touches.

yeah i like the organic look which is why i try and use as many natural looking brushes as possible. i try and think of how the provensens would have done it or how i paint with actual paint and limit myself to that so i dont get all glossed over with photoshop airbrushing and filters. i use NO filters. if it doesnt exsist in real paint, i dont use it.
this gives the illustrations a more natural feel. which is the whole point.


ps. you have some really nice work on your blog!

Marcello Souza Filho said...

GREAT!!!! amanzing!!

Vogel said...



Thanks for the explanation as well, will try that.

I'm also a huge fan of the Provensens - got the Animal Fair book here. Hey, do you know this site?

Got 3 books to finish on Illustrator, and am already craving to start reusing photoshop. I just wrote my first book, and am on that visual brainstorm process. I want to get more used to the new brushes I collected, before I officially start working on it.

By any chance, do you have Romanian background?



OV! said...


YES, im romanian. you?

no ive never seen that site before, nice work there! thanks for the link. i have a lot of provensens work. countless books. they are one of my top illustrators.

what books are you working on? self published?


Vogel said...


I'm Brazilian, so my first language is Portuguese. Our languages have lots of words in common. I almost took Romanian classes when I still lived in Rio, just love learning new languages.

How long do you live in the US? Being in Canada for 2 years now: 1,5 year in Montreal, and almost 6 months in Vancouver. One of the reasons why I moved to Vnc is the dream of working as character designer for animation.

I'm illustrating 3 kids books collections right now: 2 for Montreal, and one for Rio. Those collections have been my bread and butter in the last couple of months. You can see some images of those books on

I recently wrote my first book as an adult - used to write tons of them when I was a kid. It's in Portuguese, and I'll try to publish it in Brazil first, and then translate it to English and French. Nowadays, when I have some spare time, I play with photoshop brushes and 'doodle' the looks of the characters of my new personal book.

What you've been up to lately? Are books your main bread and butter? Ever worked with animation?


OV! said...


sounds very cool man. keep going with that. very nice book work!

i make a living in aniamtion. been doing it for about 12 years. i also have a few books (comics/sketchbook).

you can view my profile here:


Vogel said...


Just wrote to your yahoo e-m - hope you don't mind.



pumml said...


Such a powerful image. I think you've come up with a really nice fusion of traditional looking digital painting. To me, this is where digital shines, but too few people can pull it off so well. Looking forward to more from this series!

P.S. The Provensens ARE tops! Too bad it costs an arm and a leg to track down their beautiful books.

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gary Locke said...

OV! i am currently illustrating a children's b/w per book and 32 color illos. just began the color illo sketches glad i came here!!!! wondeerful simplicity!!! thanx for the inspiration! keep up the!

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