Monday, December 20, 2010


From the Nedelcu's.

this will be the LAST time i attempt to use color pencil on newsprint paper. lets just say they didnt get along well. (color pencil on newsprint paper)



Heath said...

Looks good to me. Merry Christmas Ovi!

Dougmian said...

I agree! It's a beautiful Christmas card! You got great textures with color pencil! Merry Christmas!

Juan Pablo Solis G said...

Damn Cool!

-GFT- said...

Aw ! Charming illustration ! Merry Christmas to you !

OV! said...

thank guys,

ya the problem was trying to blend colors. i was only able to mix a few on newsprint. on a nice illustration board i would be able to blend 4-5 colors.

eh, but its ok i guess.


Grace said...

Hi Ovi! You're illustration is great!! =) Thank you for your comment! I'm still at Crest. Hope you and your family have a nice holiday =)

Zane Yarbrough said...

colored pencil on news print does not sound like a fun combo...but hey it looks great!

OV! said...

hey thanks everyone.

i DO sketch and paint just a bit here and there in my sketchbook(newsprint) with color pencil, but wouldnt recommend doing a finished piece.


tunamunaluna said...

but needless to say you still pulled it off!

Anonymous said...

I like your sketching very much. Its very inspiring.

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